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This seems to be the day of not helping out your neighbor. Often it is not safe, so people don't get involved -- they look the other way and walk on by. Yet we in Buffalo call ourselves the "City of Good Neighbors." On Dec. 17, I witnessed a true act of kindness on Church Street. The two men were of different races and different generations. Yet on that cold night, they were briefly neighbors in the true sense. A young "yuppie-looking" man saw an elderly man wandering, cold and quite disoriented. He was not drunk or homeless -- he was confused and cold.

The young man watched as the older man dropped his cane and gloves as he was waiting to get home to the West Side. This Good Samaritan stayed with the older man until his bus came, postponing his own destination. He talked to him with kindness. He made sure he had bus fare and knew where he was going. As I left, I couldn't help but say to him, "It's nice to meet a stranger who cares in this day and age." It says a lot for this young man.


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