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After reading the article about the plan to beef up security in the Lancaster schools, two thoughts came to mind. The first was that we as Americans are giving up another freedom out of fear. However, I must commend the schools for taking some action to protect our children.

The second was that this action was motivated by events around the country and is the end result of the failure of our political leaders and judicial system to find the proper balance between freedom and responsibility, the rule of law and justice. These balances, coupled with strong moral leadership, are necessary in our free society.

In recent years, the answers to difficult problems were often to "shoot them" or "bomb them" into submission, both at home and abroad. I am not saying these actions are right or wrong, but the lessons they convey are that violence is a simple solution to a problem.

Our country needs strong, just and moral leadership at every level. I urge every voter to take into consideration not the promises, but the substance of every candidate for political office.


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