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It would be natural to feel a little nervous about terrorism right now, especially after U.S. Customs officials caught someone trying to bring explosive material into the country. . . . Of course, it is important to be watchful. Enemies of the United States are abroad in the world, and there are enemies of civil order abroad inside the country.

At the same time, reason and the season demand that we behave with confidence -- normally, in other words. To curtail ordinary activities would be to surrender. So, a heightened sense of awareness, a tightening of security -- these are appropriate reactions.

Let's not let them destroy the holidays, however. The cold weather is a far greater threat to individuals -- and there's nothing officials can do to protect us from that. Bundling up against the wind chill, stocking our cars with survival kits, using good sense when setting out -- those are steps we all need to take.

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