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A $10 million to $12 million proposal to update audio and video technology in all classrooms has been presented to the city School Board.

C. William Day of the KDB Planning Group of Bloomington, Ind., who outlined the ultimate goal, said, "That would mean that each classroom, in the final analysis, would have (an) integrated voice system, telephone, voice mail; they'd have a data network system and a video networking system that would mean any resources inside the building, within the district, state and some nationally would be available at any time to any one of those classrooms.

At this point, he noted, only the high school is not part of the proposal, because structural renovations have not been completed.

Day explained the technology upgrades would give students a hands-on education, and more tools to work with. He added, though, the district would have to move swiftly to take advantage of available state and federal funding.

"We're going to take bids on this Jan. 6. We'll take two days to analyze those. We'll make a recommendation to the board (at) the Jan. 11 meeting," he said. "Assuming they approve it, then we have to file some of these requests and reports by Jan. 19 in order to receive E-rate funds."

At this point, Day said the district has about $4.5 million in its Technology Capital Improvements Fund. The rest would have to be acquired through state and federal sources.

To take advantage of the E-rate funding, Day added that construction would have to be completed within a year of receiving that funding.

Also Tuesday night, the School Board approved new principals for three schools. The appointments were made by Superintendent Raymond Fashano, who said the resignation of Love Elementary School Principal Kathleen Stewart provided a good chance to promote from within the district.

Renee Hartling will succeed Steward at Love School. Jill Sherman will be the new principal at Jefferson Middle School, and Joseph Yellich will be the principal at Washington Middle School. All three assume their new positions next month.

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