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I feel it imperative to respond to the letter condemning the efforts of preservationists, claiming they are hindering the growth of Buffalo. Since I am eager to deem myself a preservationist, I find such myopia extremely disconcerting.

What many people don't seem to realize is that the historical architecture that graces Buffalo is not only extremely rare, but also represents what little vestige we have left of a grand city long gone.

Razing another building kills our city's history and its unique character. It is sad enough to have lost structures by some of this century's most pivotal architects, most notably, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Those structures can never be brought back. But we do have the ability to maintain and restore the landmarks that still stand.

Just recently, I had a bit of my own family history fall prey to the wrecking ball. Columbus Hospital, which was razed last year, was founded by my great-great uncle and built by my great-great grandfather.

Though this affects only my family, rest assured that many people are heartbroken by the razing of a structure significant in their lives.

What is difficult to understand is the chronic whining coming from the citizens of Buffalo, with almost no action to aid the city's progress.

Perhaps if the citizenry were more aware of the city's problems, and less involved in their Super Bowl parties, they would see that historic architecture is the last thing that is preventing this city from prospering. What is hindering Buffalo from flourishing are sour attitudes and lazy mentalities.



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