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Why is everyone in such a hurry? Traffic is unbearable during the holidays. Everyone is rushing to get somewhere with little regard for anyone else. Basic lessons such as take turns and treat others as you want to be treated often are ignored when people get behind the wheel. Instead, these simple philosophies are replaced by frustration, impatience and road rage.

Driving would be so much easier if people's attitudes changed. A little patience could go a long way, but instead people choose to pull up too far past the curb, speed, change lanes unsafely and tailgate. It's not a pleasant experience to be followed too close, rushed through a stop sign or even passed at a stop sign because someone else is late or simply impatient.

Impatient drivers, please take time to enjoy the ride. Stop trying to win the record for quickest arrival. There's no prize for it. During the Thanksgiving holiday, I was driving through a parking lot when I observed a car zip around a corner and almost nail a young couple exiting a store. Nasty words were exchanged and the car raced on. This holiday season, please have some consideration for others.


West Seneca

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