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I am writing in response to the letter criticizing the decision of State Supreme Court Justice Penny M. Wolfgang to allow Diane Dombrowski-Bove to remain free on bail until her sentencing.

Although I agree with the writer that the loss of Kevin and Cheryl Baskerville is extremely tragic, I believe Wolfgang acted well within her discretion and appropriately allowed Dombrowski-Bove to remain at home during the presentence investigation.

Because the charge of vehicular manslaughter does not carry with it any mandatory incarceration, and given the fact that she is not a flight risk, the court acted in an impartial manner by allowing this common opportunity for the gathering of all facts and information relevant to the sentencing. During this investigation, the Baskerville and Tomilin families will have an opportunity to provide the court with their thoughts.

The writer is correct when she asserts that the loss to the victims' family and friends is immeasurable. However, allowing Dombrowski-Bove to remain free at this time sends no message other than that the court is a fair and impartial place.

Dombrowski-Bove continues her daily struggle with the mental torment she has incurred as a result of this horrible accident. She is the mother of three young children who are also innocent victims.