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The groom wore an intravenous drip and heart monitor patches. The ceremony took place on a hospital's cardiac-care floor.

But Brett Carre and Heather Sevrie were thrilled just the same for the chance to be wed.

"What matters most is perfect love," Sevrie's mother, Michelle Wendell, said after the ceremony Sunday.

Carre, 41, had asked Sevrie to marry him Friday night as he was being treated for a massive heart attack in Glens Falls Hospital.

"Of course I will," said Sevrie, the mother of their new baby.

Carre, who had a previous heart attack in 1994, said he was worried that he could die soon. He wanted to make sure Sevrie and their baby would be entitled to his death benefits.

The wedding didn't take place until Sunday afternoon because there is a 24-hour waiting period in New York before a man and woman can marry.

"I think we've filled our quota for the 'in sickness and in health' part," Sevrie said.

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