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Certain areas of the world are blessed with natural resources that other areas do not have. The Middle East has oil. Canada has vast prairies that grow wheat. Russia has Siberia with its storehouse of mineral wealth.

And it certainly makes sense for these areas to take advantage of their resources by putting them on the world markets, and using the revenue for the good of the people.

Our area also has been blessed with a marvelous gift -- water. Our Great Lakes are the envy of the world. And yet, instead of studying this resource and figuring out a way to use it to our advantage, the mention of selling the water brings a tremendous negative response from many. In fact, Canada has introduced legislation that would prohibit the export of water.

The level of our Great Lakes varies from year to year due to many factors. I remember many years when the water on Lake Erie was so high that it caused extensive property damage. When the water level of the lakes is much higher than normal, all of the excess water goes into the Atlantic Ocean and is wasted.

I propose that a joint water commission be formed with Canada. This panel would be empowered to study the optimum water levels of the Great Lakes. Surely our hydraulic engineers could predict when, due to excess snow or rainfall, the water level of the lakes would exceed our needs.

Then I can see no reason why it would not be practicable and profitable to sell the surplus. We certainly should safeguard our supply, but why not take advantage of our resources?


East Amherst

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