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It's a busy time for "Miami" Steve Van Zandt.

The guitarist is touring again with old friend and bandleader Bruce Springsteen, has a new solo album out and a featured role in the acclaimed HBO series "The Sopranos."

So why all the action after more than a decade of down time?

"No one is more surprised at how all this has worked out than I am," Van Zandt said in an interview published in Sunday's Los Angeles Times. "After so many years of not doing anything, really, it's funny to have it all happen at once, but it's coincidental. None of this was planned to happen simultaneously.

Miami Steve, as he was known when he played lead guitar at Springsteen's side, left the E Street Band in 1984 to work solo, striking it big in 1985 with the celebrated "Sun City" anti-apartheid album. He recorded four solo albums under the nickname Little Steven.

This month, Van Zandt, 49, sees his new album, "Born Again Savage," released under his own RenegadeNation label.

He's also touring with Springsteen and now plays "Silvio" on the hit cable series about a dysfunctional mafioso.

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