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With the German Luftwaffe no longer a concern, officials are preparing to pull up the shade on a historic skylight in the New York State Capitol.

For more than a half century, the huge skylight in the Capitol has been cloaked, dimming the fabled "Million Dollar" staircase beneath. As part of a $10 million roof renovation project at the Capitol, workers will restore the original clear glass skylight as one of the architects of the building, Isaac Perry, intended in the late 1800s.

Workers will also rebuild damaged parts of the massive, slanting roof of the Capitol, replace damaged clay and slate shingles and install new ornamental terra-cotta tiles. The skylight was covered in the 1940s, and the lore has always been that officials did so in fear German planes could use the expanse of light to set their bomb sights during a nighttime raid, James Jamieson, the Capitol's architect, said.

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