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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Dec. 10, 1999.
214 Two Rod Rd., Kevin Stoldt, Brandi Stoldt to Gary Ryder, Eileen Ryder, $144,000.

Three Rod Road, Bontrager Realty Inc. to Gregory Przywara, Rosanne Przywara, $39,294.

Two Rod Rd., Alden State Bank to John Kiener, Denise Kiener, $27,000.

44 Dappled Dr., Leonard Silver to Timothy Malchow, Lora Malchow, $118,500.

76 Frankhauser Road, C Macpeek, Barbara Macpeek to Daniel Macpeek, Ericka Macpeek, $86,000.

49 South Wind Trail, Arthur Liddle, Jacqueline Liddle to Joseph Carosi, Kristen Carosi, $112,000.

217 Stevenson Blvd., Ella Soderstrom to Donna Guarino, $71,500.

474 Ruskin Rd., Michael Quinlan, Sally Quinlan to Robert Matuszak, Susan Matuszak, $145,000.

68 Summerview Rd., Josephine Warrington, Dorothy Cheasty to Arthur Liddle, Jacqueline Liddle, $130,000.

4170 Bailey Ave., Donald Lenda to 270 West Main Inc., $42,000.

Hampton Hill Villas, Hampton Hill Villas Inc. to DS&M Developers Inc., $470,000.

122 Larch Rd., Peggy Borst to Roxanne Calabrese, $61,000.

9 Monroe Drive, Sandra Raskin to Jeffrey Altamari, Janet Altamari, $140,000.

286 Cadman Dr., Edward Zhou, Fan Zhang to Liang Cao, Sihui He, $90,000.

344 Rosedale Blvd., Janice Grimes to M&t Mortgage Corp., $101,495.

449 Capen Blvd., Willie Watson, Rose Watson to United Companies Lending Corp., $110,897.

510 Heim Rd., Dennis Matheis to Grace Michael, $81,000.

19 Bel Air Ct., Leonard Zaccagnino, Cheryl Zaccagnino to Paul Strefeler, Susan Salvatore, $207,500.

48 Tennyson Rd., Sowles Road Joint Venture Inc. to Raymond Laks, $67,000.

71 Jack Rd., Edward Bergmann, Esther Bergmann to Robert Richards, Elaine Richards, $120,000.

13 Meadow Lea Dr., Salvatore Zambito to Jerry Falsone, $60,000.

122 Sixth Ave., Robert Kohles, April Kohles to James Kazmierczak, Elizabeth Kazmierczak, $121,000.

177 San Fernando Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to William Howard, Kristine Howard, $179,690.

215 No French Rd., Arlene Smeal to Nancy Frank, $105,000.

662 Longmeadow Road, Gabriel Toea, Oana Toea to HUD, $62,546.

630 G Youngs Road, Leslie Tomlin to Corp. Federal Home Loan Mortgage, $85,000.

65 Henel Road U1, Joan Marino, Jenny Marino to Joan Marino, Jenny Marino, $16,000.

125 Thamesford Ct., Brompton Woods Inc. to Wayne Savitz, $26,000.

132#H Harrogate Square, Nancy Piotrowski, Leo Piotrowski to Jitka Mcintosh, $53,000.

26 Woodbury Dr., Marion Nelson, William Nelson to Kevin Mcquiggan, Nadia Mcquiggan, $131,000.

180 Royal Pkwy., W, John Puccio, Jeannette Puccio to Cantalician Foundation Inc., $114,500.

4565 Harlem Rd., Charles Brand, Mary Brand to Corp. Beneficial Homeowner Service, $63,398.

6 Mapleleaf Dr., Joseph Fabiano, Patricia Fabiano to Patrick Baumler, Amy Baumler, $99,200.

4565 Harlem Rd., Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp. to Paul Young, Anne Hogenkamp, $67,500.

280 Brompton Rd., Joan Humphreys, Vivian Heller to Kenneth Wylie, Donna Wylie, $162,000.

732 Klein Rd., Richard Sebian, Patricia Sebian to Kathleen Grieve, $107,000.

33 Kinderhook Court, Judith Dipasquale to Kenneth Rose, Marjorie Rose, $110,000.

66-68 N Cayuga, John Sixt Profit Sharing Plan&Pension Plan to Anthony Cooper, $87,500.

66 Raphael Ct., Andre Cook to Kamal Singhal, Renu Singhal, $111,500.

131 Thamesford Court, Brompton Woods Inc. to Chester Pawenska, Helen Pawenska, $26,000.

67 Hampton Hil Dr., Evelyn Baum to Eugene Bracci, Irene Bracci, $55,000.

656 Longmeadow Rd., Paul Bisnett, Laura Bisnett to Brian Clark, Rachael Schrett, $61,900.

104 Hitching Post Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Brian Vonderhaar, Michelle Vonderhaar, $137,700.

30 Randwood Dr., Violetta Iotzova, Serguey Ouzounov to Valerie Deberry, $141,000.

1570 & 1572 Wehrle Dr., Cole Family Living Trust to Joseph Fabiano, Patricia Fabiano, $100,000.

97 Promenade Lane, Joseph Dileo, Rosemary Dileo to Terrance Ryan, Diane Ryan, $59,000.

1780&1770 Wehrle Dr., College Park Building No 1 Limited Partnership to LLC North College Park Associates, $2768,250.

860 Sweethome, Robert Sykes, Julie Sykes to Daniel Sprague, $93,000.

131 Monroe Dr., Peter Brand, Margery Vossler to Michael Sarah, $84,000.

252 Bennington Rd., PNC Mortgage Corp. to Lynn Lasker, $47,500.

305 Seabrook Dr., Paul Jeter, Elease Jeter to David Esmay, Denise Cook, $125,450.

848 Sweet Home Rd., Margaret Holden to Raymond Kolb, $50,000.

345 Brompton Rd., Howard Moncton, Jean Moncton to Joel Reedy, Lorraine Reedy, $157,000.

863 Mill Rd., Timothy Fossum, Susan Haller to Arnold Oconnor, Sylvia Oconnor, $205,000.

7691 Boston State Rd., Betty Schunk to Richard Schunk, $81,600.

7938 Zimmerman Rd., Dorothy Walters, John Walters to Raymond Sardo, $47,000.

V/L North Boston Rd., Robert Jacobs, Paula Jacobs to Phyllis Pawlowski, $25,000.

125 Ladner St., Gary Seibert to Jeffrey Seibert, $80,000.

647 East Ferry St., Milton Bailey to Aames Capital Corp., $20,115.

482 Woodlawn St., Jocelyn Townsend to Aames Capital Corp., $27,527.

89 Stanley St., Walter Szumczyk, Mary Szumczyk to Jeffrey Bodine, $58,300.

432-434 Beard Ave., William Breeser to Ethan Axelrod, $49,000.

9 Longnecker St., Cheryl Jaeckle to HUD, $58,115.

296 Rother Ave., Timothy Nolan to Lenard Dabney, $4,500.

109 17Th St., Jane Humes to HUD, $16,787.

33 Gates Circle, Gloria Roblin-Friedman to Irene Wright, $175,000.

201 Butler, City of Buffalo to Dorothy Bell, $5,500.

53 St., Florian, City of Buffalo to Brian Aquilina, $20,000.

3 Orson, City of Buffalo to Frederick Labenski, $22,000.

30 Elmer, City of Buffalo to Joel Edwards, $17,000.

152 Olympic, City of Buffalo to Joel Edwards, $10,000.

109 Sweet Ave., Paul Flewelling to Patricia Stanley, $7,200.

Elk Bradford & Perry, Michigan Commercial Carriers Inc. to Clove-Hold Inc., $525,000.

115 Davidson St., Brian Kahle to Mable Arrington, $39,900.

601 West Utica St., Herbert Karo to Citicorp Mortgage Inc., $39,573.

191 Bird Ave., Bison Enterprises Inc. to Bison Enterprises Inc., $177,000.

123&125 Greeley St., Albert Loxterman to Freddy Vasquez, $54,900.

42 Howell St., Stanley Ochterski to David Serena, $24,000.

20 Miller Ave., Charlene Buchanan to HUD, $33,827.

77 Erb, Frank Albert, Mary Albert to Barons Development Inc., $25,000.

247 Lopere & 215 Bissell, SR. Group Associates Inc. to Deylord Chapman, Denice Chapman, $5,000.

451 Crider St., C Hunt, Clifford Hunt to Swj Inc., $15,000.

985 Lafayette Ave., Mark Clark, Carrie Clarke to Fleet Mortgage Corp, $108,558.

53-55 Laurel, 53-55 Laurel Trust to Keith Canazzi, $62,000.

347 Parker Ave., Michael Thomas, Colleen Thomas to Colleen Thomas, $21,763.

43 Clay, Paul Sciabarrasi to Joseph Trinci, Melissa Truty, $34,000.

721 Plymouth, Mary Morakis to Richard Ford, Paula Ford, $23,669.

225 Woodlawn, James Brown, Malissa Brown to Ernest Holley, $7,000.

119 Durham Ave., Stanley Jurek to Geanette Colston, $17,671.

180&196 Summer, Varity Automotive Inc. (A Delaware Corp.) to 672 Delaware LLC, $375,000.

16 Dorris St., Anna Hunt to PNC Mortgage Corp. of America, $51,816.

76 May St., Jeffrey Lampka to Thomas Poloncarz, $16,000.

841 Clinton St., Mary Gasinski, Henry Gasinski to Sean Harman, $3,500.

99 Jones St., Thomas Toporczyk, Leo Toporczyk to Howard Steele, Dale Steele, $7,000.

32 Race St., Associates Consumer Discount, Co. Associates Consumer Discount Co. Inc. to Alyce Wojcik, $30,000.

203 Courtland Ave., Dorian Wills to Louise Porter, $50,000.

429 Connecticut St., Michael Size to Rosae Wilkos, $40,000.

108 Ross Ave., Gertrude Gentner to James Junn, $53,560.

172 Ashland Ave., Timothy Vukelic, Peter Vukelic to Eva Hassett, $105,500.

3343 Bailey Ave., Robert Krol, David Krol to Gibb Properties LLC, $43,000.

60 Kirkover St., Manufacturers&Traders Trust Co. to James Fitzgerald, $14,000.

180 Summer St., Etc, 672 Delaware LLC to Stephen Leous, Susan Leous, $375,000.

220 Sumner Pl., Wanda Farnham to Homeside Lending Inc., $56,720.

145 Harvard Pl., Ricky Costner, Catalina Costner to Apogee Management of WNY Inc., $13,000.

162 Lockwood, George Misiak to Americo Garcia, Kathleen Garcia, $53,000.

295 Gold St., Timothy Kuczka, Judy Kuczka to PNC Mortgage Corp. of America, $58,023.

42 Eller, Gregory Lodinsky, Heather Lodinsky to Sharon Kenner, $36,000.

340 Mystic Ave., Keybank National Association to Felix Cedeno, $30,350.

400 Cambridge Ave., Calvin Hollie, Evelyn Hollie to (The) Chase Manhattan Bank, 1997-3 060197 Imc Home Equity Loan Trust, $10,000.

400 Porter Ave., Joseph Dipiazza, Giuseppe Dipiazza to Kenneth Hapke, $81,000.

1516 Main St., 84 Group Inc. to Robert Biniszkiewicz, $20,000.

192 Weston Ave., Nina Meadows to M&T Mortgage Corp., $44,119.

107 Buffum St., Madonna Mahoney, Joseph Sullivan to Rocco Pisto, $66,000.

2190 Genesee St., Anthony Lamont to Robert Brown, $39,000.

281 Bird Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association to David Velazquez, $17,000.

97 Meriden St., GBB Inc. to Dawn Sopko, $67,500.

96 Ash St., David Worthy, Ruth Worthy to Mary Overall, $15,000.

289 Pennsylvania, Eduvijis Gonez to Hsbc Bank Usa, $40,626.

336 Goodyear Ave., Willie Jefferson, Altha Jefferson to Sibley Mortgage Corp., $33,786.

140 Walnut St., Keybank National Association to Michael Ikpeze, $5,250.

104 Highland, Thelma Faison to Beth Nivison, $90,000.

619 Fulton St., Gerald Papaj to Bryon Kotowski, Jacquelyn Kotowski, $36,000.

67 Newman Pl., Hazel Lindner, Harold Lindner to Henry Jasinski, Marcia Jasinski, $39,900.

14 Shawnee Ave., Emma Wynn to United Companies Lending Corp., $44,292.

15 Dartmouth Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Gary Reeds, Richard Hoopengarner, $40,000.

15 Arundel Rd., David Pawlik, Anne Pawlik to Eric Colca, Jodi Pope-Colca, $112,000.

97 Imson St., Gregory Vaughn, Joanne Vaughn to Holly Vaughn, $7,000.

28 Flora Road, Judith Farrell to Christopher Riso, Jennifer Riso, $73,900.

80 Bernice Dr., Michael Catanzaro, Frank Catanzaro to Donald Karl, $88,580.

120 Milsom, Louise Kaczynski, Chester Kaczynski to Jeffrey Pietrzak, Donna Pietrzak, $65,000.

83 S Century Rd., Betty Ernst, Harvey Ernst to Phyllis Clark, $66,000.

54 Cresthaven Dr., Gary Gibbs, Brenda Selapack to Fleet Mortgage Corp, $65,106.

8 Bostwick Pl., Caroline Wiktor to Everett Van Volkenberg, Geraldine Van Volkenberg, $65,000.

218 Dean Rd., Federal National Mortgage Association to William Youngers, James Lomas, $30,000.

138 Suzette Dr., Associates Home Equity Services Inc. to Toney Palmer, $83,500.

47 Thruway Ct., Mary Salinardo, Pasquale Salinardo to Joseph Salinardo, $25,000.

59 Abeles Lane, Mark Schroder, Annette Schroder to Gordon Snyder, $89,200.

379 South Creek Dr., Dolores Jerz, Edward Jerz to Richard Ehrke, $79,000.

28 Village Lane, Frances Fortuna, Joseph Fortuna to Salvatore Pellitieri, $90,000.

39 Deer Trail, Joseph Raniero, Ann Raniero to Scott Kurzdorfer, Jennifer Palmere, $109,000.

388 Shanley, Joan Lewis to Constance Yaeger, Stacey Waziak, $34,000.

14 Tudor Rd., Michael Rickert to Rebecca Wortman, $64,000.

137 Suzette Dr., Estelle Tomczak to Martin Skierczynski, Marianne Skierczynski, $84,000.

228 Enez Dr., Damian Muniz, Patricia Muniz to Samuel Mancuso, Sallie Mancuso, $78,000.

1355 Harlem Rd., Alexander Valentine to James Fronckowiak, Theresa Fronckowiak, $57,600.

58 Frederick St., Stanley Jakubowski, Helen Jakubowski to Joseph Engel, Diane Engel, $55,000.

61 Nokomis Pkwy., Joseph Oddo, Lillian Oddo to Carolyn Bernas, $57,500.

50 Dewberry Lane, 2001 Properties Inc. to Sprint Spectrum LP, $700,000.

33 S Hedley St., Josephine Stefaniak to Joleen Ferner, $65,000.

34 Wainwright, Todd Pelow to Catherine Wiggins, $89,000.

28 Peachrow Lane, Trevor Sajdak, Kristi Sajdak to Robert Wilcox, $71,500.

78 Briarcliff Rd., Peter Spada, Barbara Spada to Trevor Sajdak, Kristi Sajdak, $88,400.

109 Claude Drive, John Ohalloran, Rosemary Ohalloran to Sandra Senker, $68,000.

9415 Main St., Connie Chin, Chui Chin to Orazio Ippolito, $270,000.

7450 Goodrich Rd., Daniel Snyder, Janet Snyder to Charles Kaelin, Judith Kaelin, $75,000.

9150 Via Cimato Dr., C&F Land Development Co. to Woodbridge Homes Inc., $42,500.

5427 Shimerville Rd., Arthur Atwater, Linda Atwater to Helen Turyk, $124,000.

8355 Ericson Dr., Joan Wright to Linda Smolka, $99,000.

9119 Via Cimato Dr., C&F Land Development Co. to Mary Flavin, Joanne Connelly, $42,500.

8645 County Rd., Karl Wagner to Wesley Thompson, Christina Thompson, $265,000.

8258 Irish Rd., Mark Aldstadt, Lorrie Aldstadt to Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., $72,007.

3599 Rt #39, Bertha Frank, Bertha Frank to Dennis Luther, Tina Luther, $25,000.

3937 Gowanda Zoar Rd., Ann Andzel, Ann Mogavero to James Grudzien, Rebecca Grudzien, $80,000.

152 Mill St., Scott Kutz, Rene Kutz to John Arbogast, $92,000.

8977 Middle Rd., Gene Regnet, Sheila Regnet to Kathleen Pasinski, $78,000.

123 Chestnut St., Anthony Orsini to Judith Burke, $63,000.

3648 Eckhardt Rd., Maurine Hardcastle, James Hardcastle to Margaret Cuddihy, $50,325.

25 Meadowbrook Dr., Meadowood Development LLC to Thomas Mclaughlin, Mollie Mclaughlin, $68,000.

11 Pleasantview Dr., Frances Sauer to Timothy Ziccardi, Louise Ziccardi, $217,000.

2820 Hall Rd., Theodore Geertman to Jonathan Stroze, $131,000.

726 Schultz Rd., Florence Will, Theodore Will to David Gee, Meghan Gee, $116,900.

Bowen Rd., Wayne Day, Nancy Day to Timm Slade, Roxanne Slade, $54,000.

9070 Iroquios St., Thomas Alberts to HUD, $78,577.

597 Eisenhower Avenue, Ronald Vanyo, Ronald Vanyo to Lynn Farrell, $79,000.

9673 Oak Grove Dr., Richard Diamond to Roger Vullo, Suzanne Vullo, $75,000.

92 Terrylynn Dr., James Iglewski, Diana Iglewski to Dwight Howdeshell, Angie Howdeshell, $115,000.

454 Roanoke Ave., Eugenia Mclaughlin to Anthony Mott, $10,000.

6653 Erie Rd., Michael Beyers, Jolynn Beyers to (The) State of New York Mortgage Agency, $80,590.

7030 Brandywine Dr., James Kellogg, Darlene Kellogg to Jeffrey Solomon, $84,000.

3340 Wallace Dr., Association Tr U/A First Bank National, 1997-1 030197 Eqcc Home Equity Loan Trust to Roxanne Williams, $61,500.

125 Amberwood Dr., George Fuzak to Household Finance Realty Corp. of NY, $99,500.

2196 West Oakfield Rd., Mary Kolkmann to Robert Schiffhauer, Guyanne Schiffhauer, $750,000.

4187 Lakeshore Rd., Joseph J Enser Inc. to Noco Energy Corp, $225,000.

127 Main St., Noco Energy Corp. to Joseph J Enser Inc., $200,000.

4137 Chatham Dr., Berkley Square of Hamburg Inc. to James Voye, Linda Voye, $30,000.

19 Pinegrove Park, Dennis Orcutt, Ann Orcutt to Barbara Mcmullen, $125,000.

4554 Lakeshore, Barbara Mcmullen to David Pietrzak, $123,000.

4369 Mckinley Pkwy., Carol Cirrincione to Nysarc Inc., Heritage Centers, $141,509.

S-5150 Abbott Rd., Mildred Egner to John Kalstek, $35,000.

Vl Sowles Rd., Virginia Manzuk, Maxima Manzuk to Tops Markets Inc., $6,500.

4289 Tisbury Lane, Berkley Square of Hamburg Inc. to Howard Gearhart, Kathy Gearhart, $147,900.

3011 Cloverbank Rd., Burke Development LLC to John Floreale, $127,110.

1889 Micaela Court, Thomas Greenauer to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $31,000.

3976 Caitlin Terrace, Omega Homes Inc. to Karen Ver, $96,320.

3704 Old Lakeview Rd., S8, Savmont Inc. to Elizabeth Weidner, $24,000.

2628 Hawthorne Ave., Peter Watson, Peter Watson to John Farallo, $68,000.

3492 Parkwood Common, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to James Iglewski, Diana Iglewski, $200,620.

S2137 Electric Ave., David Eschberger, Tracy Eschberger to (The) State of New York Mortgage Agency, $94,000.

1363 North Creek Rd., Elaine Smith to Edward Wagner, Suzanne Wagner, $50,000.

3491 Parkwood Common, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to David Propp, $160,770.

3873 Cornell St., Rita White, Rita Zanelotti to Todd Giolando, $33,900.

4965 Morgan Pkwy., Albert Raro, Gail Raro to James Gravell, Deborah Gravell, $69,900.

3093 Milford Ave., Donald Kuligowski, Karen Kuligowski to Frances Harvey, $52,500.

S6440 Stevens Rd., Irene Holdermiller to John Jennal, Pamela Jennal, $85,000.

S-3386 Emerling Dr., Robert Fulton, Denise Fulton to Dennis Pfaffenbach, $82,000.

Ellsworth Ave., John Reuther, Evelyn Reuther to David Jeffers, $51,000.

3684 Howard Rd., (The) Graf Family Trust 032095, Graf Family Living Trust to Margaret Torres, $87,000.

S-4130 Mckinley Pkwy., Benderson Development Co. Inc. to Pearce&Pearce Co. Inc, $250,000.

34 Continental Ave., (The) Bank of Holland to David Lafferty, $50,000.

19 Vermont St., Robert Logel to Mark Sigeti, Jacqueline Sigeti, $110,000.

39 Asbury Place, Catherine Dudek to Michael Murphy, Dawn Murphy, $50,050.

76 Old Post Rd., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Jeffrey Brinda, $193,750.

138 Northwood Dr., Anna Gerace to Norman Klaffka, Patricia Klaffka, $92,000.

59 Woodgate Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Scott Romus, Kimberly Romus, $137,207.

22 Sugarbush Lane, Thomas Meutsch, Joan Meutsch to Suzanne Walker, $152,000.

14 Manitou, Lynn Rowell to Brian Rowell, $8,000.

27 Village View, RJF Development JV to MJ Ogiony Builders Inc., $31,900.

27 Village View, MJ Ogiony Builders Inc. to Barbara Mordino, $126,927.

380 Seneca Pl., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Joseph Raniero, Ann Raniero, $134,435.

55 Village View, RJF Development JV to Nigel Enterprises Inc., $29,500.

55 Village View, Nigel Enterprises Inc. to Kevin Oetinger, Kathleen Oetinger, $152,100.

44 Lombardy St., Paul Kokoszka, Barbara Kokoszka to Michael Gebera, Dennise Little, $110,900.

15 Christophel Dr., Jean Dynarski to Ivan Konshin, Maria Konshin, $68,300.

187 Lake Ave., George Brown, Marlene Brown to Michael Rath, $77,000.

29 Hillside Pkwy., Denyse Gould-Knight to Michael Murray, Allison Murray, $200,000.

87 Parkview Court, Donnette Wetzel, Donnette Shelvay to Kathleen Edwards, $56,400.

107 Elm Pl., Ralph Ressler, Edith Ressler to Patrick Benz, $105,000.

20 Whitestone Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Joseph Cianciosa, Joy Cianciosa, $183,275.

23 Running Brook Dr., James Snyder, Diane Snyder to Jeffrey Shelvay, Donnette Shelvay, $138,000.

175 Peppermint Rd., Gail Long to David Weiss, Cleo Weiss, $175,000.

191 St., Marys St., Michael Kutrybala to Matthew Weist, Monica Weist, $67,500.

55 Michael Anthony Lane, MA Tufillaro Builders Inc. to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $27,000.

62 Michael Anthony Lane, MA Tufillaro Builders Inc. to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $27,000.

59 Hamilton, Richard Mancuso, Jennifer Mancuso to Pamela Grzechowiak, Michael Grzechowiak, $62,500.

25 Wintergreen Pl., Mohsin Nagi to GE Capital Mortgage Services Inc., $109,762.

86 Franklin St., Jayne Scherer to Peter Vinolus, $45,000.

16 Spruce St., Ronald Dicenzo, Ronald Di Cenzo to Darrell Karalunas, $20,000.

16-18 Wasson, 16-18 Wasson Trust to Keith Canazzi, $20,000.

29 West Elmview Ave., Josephine Kuborek, Walter Kuborek to Dorothy Legeza, Frank Weber, $63,000.

2392 Two Rod Rd., Renato Leo, Carol Leo to Cathie Gallo, $147,900.

2748 Eldridge Rd., Gary Antonio, Maura Antonio to Richard Snyder, Jacqueline Snyder, $25,000.

2634 Four Rod Rd., Carl Kieber, Joan Kieber to Daniel Williams, Susan Williams, $139,000.

Clarksburg Rd., Edwin Morris to Douglas Wurstle, Sarah Wurstle, $38,000.

36 East Ave., Raymond Balcerzak to John Von Ohlen, $55,000.

11126 Crego Rd., Kim Smolka, Linda Smolka to Arthur Atwater, Linda Atwater, $239,500.

7464 Maple, Janice Podlas to Michael Scroger, Diane Scroger, $120,000.

196 Bielak Rd., Nancy Minor to Timothy Farr, $79,000.

7 Brookins Green Dr., Brookins Green Townhomes to Renato Leo, Carol Leo, $232,885.

7425 Milestrip Rd., Howard Markowitz, Kathleen Wadsworth to William Schmid, $221,000.

3414 Orchard Park Rd., David Schaefer, Diane Schaefer to Charles Roskow, Christine Roskow, $89,000.

V/L Quaker Rd., Charles Palisano to Hico LlC, $105,000.

Vl Taylor Rd., Lawrence Adamchick, Christine Adamchick to LSF LLC, $50,000.

Vl Taylor Rd., Nicholas Oliveri to LSF LLC, $10,000.

5246 Webster Rd., Beverly Dunn to Paul Wallaitis, Patricia Wallaitis, $92,000.

47 Park Pl., James Ennis, James Ennis to Jason Rupp, $140,000.

4 Squire Dr., Thomas Lauka, Patricia Lauka to Kevin Koch, Sharon Koch, $215,000.

274 Utica St., William Harriger, Clair Harriger to Dennis Cook, $45,700.

192 Highland Ave., David Clark, Donna Clark to Aaron Troy, Cindy Troy, $80,000.

136 William St., Theresa Douglas to James Marshall, $50,000.

442 Morgan St., Frances Thomson to Centre Development Enterprises Inc., $25,000.

168 Niagara Shore Dr., Keith Snyder to Evelyn Belstadt, $165,000.

528 Broad St., Donald Karnuth to Teresa Titman, $34,000.

812 Brighton Rd., Richard Brown, Michelle Brown to Joseph Olivieri, Lynne Olivieri, $65,000.

166 Warren Ave., Mary Wieczorek to Laurence Fillinger, $56,650.

139 Mang Ave., Raymond Deglopper to Dianne Kricheldorf, $34,000.

255 Mcconkey Dr., Scott Griffiths, Judith Roberge to Jimmie Mcdowell, $78,000.

108 Fairfield Ave., Mark Smith, Karen Smith to Nelson Jones, $73,000.

377 Englewood Ave., Ronald Vincent, Charlotte Vincent to Mark Falzone, Carmen Cordero, $68,000.

32 Neumann Pkwy., Joseph Vilardo, Beth Vilardo to Richard Hassett, $93,800.

254 Lyndale Ave., New Opportunities Community Housing Development to David Obrochta, Natalie Obrochta, $87,000.

106 Glenhurst Ave., James Bonta to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $58,598.

698 Niagara Falls Blvd., Federal National Mortgage Association to Centre Development Enterprises, $35,000.

216 Waverly Ave., Ronald Rezabek to HUD, $90,510.

1127 Brighton Rd., Rosaline Scheiten to Samuel Lopez, $65,000.

585 Cornwall Ave., Ruth Fix, Bernard Fix to Scott Marciszewski, $84,500.

94 Edgar, Esmet Walley, Walter Walley to Linda Walley, $35,000.

2900 Delaware Ave., 2900 Delaware Ave., Inc. to Plaza One Group Inc., $35,461.

217 Mckinley Ave., Timothy Griffith, Merrilee Griffith to Kevin Wiles, $81,000.

24 Drew Pl., Daniel Williams, Susan Williams to Dennis Ressman, Lisa Szalkowski, $79,900.

198 Old Colony, Janet Glair to Kurt Juliano, $57,500.

339 Wardman Rd., Associates Relocation Management Co. to Jeffrey Benderson, Kimberly Benderson, $74,500.

53 Green Acres Rd., Earl Johnson, Genevieve Johnson to Paul Bisnett, Laura Bisnett, $85,000.

35 Enterprise St., David Nelson, Lisa Nelson to Robert Husband, Nancy Husband, $57,500.

13122 Strykersville Rd., Mark Davies, Deborah Davies to Associates Home Equity Services Inc., $147,393.

5623 East Creek Rd., Stephen Ellison, Stephen Ellison to Keith Ellison, Kelly Bialecki, $17,500.

5623 E Creek Rd., Ralph Ellison, Kenneth Ellison to Keith Ellison, Kelly Bialecki, $52,500.

31 Cambridge Ave., James Mackinnon, William Mackinnon to Robert Rook, $93,500.

109 Fremont Ave., Elmo Oosterhoudt to Tracy Lambert, Deana Lambert, $71,000.

27 Greenhill Terr, Susan Paluch, Susan Eobstel to David Fahmer, Kathleen Fahmer, $114,000.

155 Willowdale Dr., Patricia Corning to Ann Spence, $92,750.

206 Brookside Dr., David Zak to William Murphy, $77,000.

263 Burch Ave., Thomas Brautlacht, Lori Brautlacht to Tina Szlaboyni, $46,400.

131 Bellwood Ave., Eric Taylor, Cynthia Taylor to Beth Dietrich, $62,000.

50 Westgate Blvd., Frank Gombos to Thomas Brautlacht, Lori Brautlacht, $97,000.

4645 Seneca St., Raymond Heck, Patty Heck to Paula Moesch, $80,000.

702 Main St., Paul Hersee, Elaine Hersee to Paul Sgranfetto, Lauren Lattimore, $84,000.

146 Greenmeadow, Association Federal National Mortgage to Kathy Avino-Cope, $77,000.

20 Almont Ave., Alice Griem, Alica Griem to James Yeomans, $78,000.

288 Kirkwood Dr., Nancy Ferranti,Patricia Graml to Timothy Grundtisch,Tracey Grundtisch, $71000.

38 Kirkwood Dr., Robert Hahn, Dorothy Beaman toMary Pratts, $70,000.

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