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All My Children: David revealed to Erica that Alex blames him for the death of her best friend. Erica then pleaded before the hospital board on David's behalf. Alex was shocked when, with Joe's support, David was appointed head of the Foundation. Alex then informed a horrified David that they would run the Foundation together. Janet became distraught when Sophie continued to make threats against Amanda even after Janet gave her money. Mateo was stunned to learn that Ryan and Hayley never slept together. Tina remained determined to win over Mateo despite his feelings for Hayley, while Greenlee vowed to have more than a physical relationship with Ryan. Coming: Scott gives Becca a special gift.

As the World Turns: Carly received help from a mysterious source. Margo and Tom's desperate search turned up some clues that could be useful, but the help may have come too late as the jury began its deliberations. Abigail revealed her true identity to Chris. Lily had a romantic surprise in mind for Holden. Ben and Denise felt confident making plans for the future. Jennifer played peacemaker for Barbara and Carly, and Isaac also had a role to play in the reconciliation. Coming: Margo learns her fate.

Bold and Beautiful: Brooke became irate when Taylor suggested that her and Thorne's relationship is not healthy and that Brooke needs therapy. Determined to win Stephanie's friendship, Brooke polished all of Stephanie's silver with a smile, only to learn that she had not been invited to the Forresters' party. Rick urged Kimberly to give up on her vendetta against Amber and move on with her life, but Kim vowed to uncover Amber's secret. Amber was elated when Rick told her that he had asked Kimberly to accept his marriage. Coming: Becky is lonely for her baby.

Days of Our Lives: After making love with "Hope," Bo felt as though something was different between them. Meanwhile, the real Hope regained her memory and realized that Kurt had lied to her about everything. Gina later confronted Stefano and told him that if he wants the Renet painting back, he'll have to leave Salem for good. Brandon found some ammunition to use against Abe when he mentioned Commander Carver's name to Mrs. Walker, and got a strong reaction. Craig opposed Nancy's plan to adopt Chloe. Coming: Kate has a close call with Nicholas.

General Hospital: Sonny helped Jax get Jerry out of the country, as a tearful Bobbie collapsed into the arms of a comforting Roy. Nikolas came to the wrong conclusion when he found Liz and Jason together. Carly told A.J. that she would no longer play the role of his dutiful wife. Faison brought Felicia to a new hideout, eluding Mac and Luke's pursuit. Later, Luke walked right into Faison's trap. Hannah was assigned to the Port Charles police department as the FBI liaison and was warned that she'll lose her badge if she has contact with Sonny. Coming: Sonny accuses Carly of using him.

Guiding Light: Drew received a welcome surprise. Jim proposed to Beth, while Edmund made a discovery that could destroy Beth's future. Ross and Blake became closer as they recalled the happier times they had spent together. After Reva and Josh made an important decision about their future, Reva reached out to Richard. Carmen realized that she did not kill Ben, while Michelle considered a plea bargain as the only way to end her nightmare. Coming: Michelle finds a source of help.

One Life to Live: Will owned up to questioning Asa about the money missing from the Megan Foundation and was shocked when Asa appeared to approve of his actions. Will was later surprised when Roseanne called to thank him for the check that he (but really Asa) had sent her and didn't catch on to Asa's scheme. Max overheard Blair plotting with Dorian to take advantage of his emotional state and get hold of his money. Jessica received a surprise when she opened a mysterious package. Coming: Kevin makes a dangerous move.

Passions: Martin pulled a gun when confronted by Luis, Sheridan and Julian. In the ensuing commotion, Julian located Martin and ordered him to disappear. Instead, Martin headed for Harmony, determined to get money from Julian in exchange for his silence. Gwen admitted that she still wants to marry Ethan. Tabitha plotted to electrocute Miguel and Charity when they pull the switch to light the town's Christmas tree. Julian found Ivy's locket, which contains a picture of Sam. Coming: Theresa has to think fast.

Port Charles: As a result of the car accident, Courtney lost the baby she was carrying and had to undergo lifesaving surgery. When Courtney found out that Karen had been responsible for the accident, she vowed to make Karen pay. Before D.V. could share the truth about Christina's birth mother with Lucy, Rachel managed to cause D.V. to fall and re-injure himself. Eve and Kevin enlisted Matt's help in finding Ellen, in order that she could shed some light on Rachel's past. Coming: Joe lashes out at Karen.

Sunset Beach: Ricardo looked on through his binoculars as Gabi and Antonio, together at the time-share cottage, acted relieved, believing that Ricardo had forgiven them. Carmen convinced Meg and Sara to help her find Maria. Maria came face to face with the person who most wants to destroy her life. Note: The producers of "Sunset Beach" have decided not to reveal any story line information regarding the final two weeks of the series.

Young and Restless: Tricia became frustrated when her efforts to embarrass Tony were unsuccessful, and she later called Keith, asking him to come home. Following a call to Grace, Tony demanded to speak with Tricia. Olivia admitted to Neil that her cancer might be recurring and swore him to secrecy. Meanwhile, Callie realized that she must cut her ties to Trey as Malcolm was ready to go public with their engagement. Mac fought back tears upon learning that Billy had asked Brittany out. Ramona overheard Diane talking about Brad's romantic pursuit of Nikki. Coming: Concern heightens over Victoria's safety.

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