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This is a letter about a rare individual, a person who was as kind and gentle as anyone I've ever known.

Donald Fruehauf had been my auto mechanic for well over 10 years, and was a throwback to a bygone era, when honesty was expected and taken for granted.

Whenever I had a car problem, he would immediately take a look at it. If he gave me an estimate, the final price would often be substantially less, it was never higher. He never accepted any money until the job was done.

And when the job was complete, it was done right. Fruehauf's pride in his work wouldn't allow him to do it any other way. When I would tell him, "another job well done," he would shyly say thank you and blush, almost seeming happy and embarrased at the same time.

On Aug. 17, this wonderful man was riding his bicycle down Getzville Road when he was run down by a person with no morals or backbone. Without so much as a thought for his victim and only concerned for himself, attorney Drew Tidwell sped off leaving Fruehauf to die a slow death on a dark road.

Tidwell's training in the law, and his manipulation of it, assure that the consequences for his actions will be minimal.

Although Fruehauf is no longer among us, at least he'll always have the reverence of his family, customers and anyone fortunate enough to have known him.

Tidwell, on the other hand, will always be remembered as a spineless coward who had a chance to help his fellow man, but decided that avoiding the consequences of his actions was his No. 1 priority.

While Fruehauf's memory will be forever revered, Tidwell will be eternally reviled.



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