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Once again, The News has published an editorial and a cartoon comparing the Kansas Board of Education to apes, monkeys or a lower life form.

I have been taught evolution theories and seen evolution theories taught as fact, but I have a few questions. I was taught that in order for something to be considered scientific, it must be repeatable. Take the "Big Bang" theory. Can anyone show me an explosion that has ever organized anything? Explosions cause objects directly involved to be less organized, not more.

We are told that proteins, energy and water combined to create life. The law of biogenesis says that all life comes from life. Can someone demonstrate to me that the law of biogenesis is wrong? Is it really ignorant to tell our children that life comes from life and not something that is dead?

The law of cause and effect says that cause is always greater than effect. The theory of evolution says the opposite. From nothing came something and something just continues to get more and more complex.

Can someone show me an animal that has evolved? Show me a lizard whose parents were snakes. If evolution is real, we would see more and more animals, but the opposite is true. We have fewer and fewer. Why couldn't dinosaurs or any other animal re-evolve?

I asked my daughter's biology teacher if he had ever seen anything without outside energy become more complex. He replied, "The opinion of the New York Board of Regents will be taught in this classroom." When I asked him if, as a parent and taxpayer, I should be happy that he is teaching opinion in a science class, he replied, "Good question."

I believe our children are being taught science in the biology classrooms, but it is political science. What they are told is surely not the whole truth and is largely opinion. But hey, I'm not some Neanderthal from Kansas. I'm from next door in Missouri, the "Show Me" state.



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