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I am disappointed by the editorial judgment of The News. Shortly after a glorious win for the Bills in their beautifully revamped stadium, the only front-page color photo, as usual, featured one of the few negatives from Sunday night football.

Brawling as shown, these juvenile and grossly overemphasized individuals -- in whom alcoholic overindulgence is coupled with foul language -- would discourage almost any decent, family-oriented person from attending the game. A newspaper can emphasize foolish, unsanitary or unsightly people or actions in any large crowd, but I feel that a community such as ours, fighting for its life, should get a great review where it's due. If truly important, the negatives could be included in the concluding paragraph to provide journalistic "integrity."

Hard-core alcoholics or "spree" over-imbibers often have underlying personality problems that the excitement of sports action may make worse. Certainly one can ask if these people will be driving after the game, making their autos as dangerous as a firearm.

And in case anyone missed the Sunday story, that Tuesday's News rehashed the game again from the criminal angle on the top half of the front page of the local section.

How about a solution to these well-known problems? If The News doesn't have one, at least emphasize the positives more and give the hometown people something to cheer about.


North Tonawanda

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