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It's one of those opinionated days . . .

The Bills winning two of their first three games is a lot better than last year's start, and Doug Flutie is being Doug Flutie once again. Before we get too giddy, only a 100-percent Flutie loyalist would be satisfied with the little quarterback's passing.

For all the good things he's done so far -- spectacular running, the landmark block against the Jets -- too many of Flutie's passes have been behind or over the mark. Accurate passing is still the hallmark of an NFL quarterback.

Considering the difficulty in running against Miami's huge linemen, with sterling middle linebacker Zach Thomas to reinforce them, wouldn't it be a good time to unleash rookie Peerless Price against a pass defense that already has to worry about Eric Moulds and Andre Reed?

The best thing to come out of the expected victory over the Eagles was that Steve Christie seems to have his field goal radar back.
Maybe there is some thought among the Bills' hierarchy of making room in the salary cap by eventually dealing Rob Johnson, but three games into the season is no time to even consider making final decisions. There are all sorts of amazing or scary events possible in the future.
It's understandable the European Ryder Cup team was greatly annoyed at the Yanks' rowdy celebration of Justin Leonard's dramatic putt on the 17th green. It was a classic culture clash. We shout and hug each other when we beat impossible odds. They suffer in silence as they gurgle down the drain.
Considering he was playing in what he called "an exhibition," David Duval finally got stoked over the Cup when it got down to singles play.
If the Broncos keep playing as they did in their first three games, I'll have to think about promoting John Elway to No. 1 on my list of all-time great quarterbacks.
Atlanta got Chris Chandler back at quarterback but the Falcons may have been dead before that. Dan Reeves, their coach, may have killed them when he observed that Jamal Anderson's season-ending knee injury may have been the result of his long holdout.

Reeves apologized, but how far did that go considering he tried to trade Anderson to New England on draft day last April? The Falcons wouldn't be the first team to quit on Reeves.
Sure, Bill Parcells has seen enough of Rick Mirer as his quarterback, but are the Jets so desperate that Parcells is thinking of trading with Kansas City for . . . Todd Collins?
Kordell Stewart said after throwing three interceptions against Seattle, "There is no way Kordell Stewart's confidence is shattered." In Pittsburgh they don't care about that. The question there is whether Bill Cowher's confidence in Stewart is shattered.
We've been there, seen that with the McGwire-Sosa home run derby while their teams flounder. This year's big hitting story was buried: The 160 RBI by Manny Ramirez so far, the highest total since Jimmy Foxx did it in the midst of the Depression.
If Notre Dame is taking up a collection to buy up Bob Davie's contract, I'm offering $5. I'm not a fan but I'd like to get goose bumps again when I hear "The Victory March." Between Davie's team and the scandal, all that's left is embarrassment.

The deep thinkers under the Golden Dome should check out how deeply George O'Leary's contract ties him to Georgia Tech. Not only is O'Leary a good coach, he has the right name.

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