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The predictable AFL-CIO endorsement for County Executive Gorski can be debated on its merits and arguments, but comments made to justify the endorsement were flawed.

I am a past member and union officer delegate for the AFL-CIO. With all due respect for AFL-CIO President John J. Kaczorowski, his statements regarding Gorski's record -- that "he lowered taxes, created jobs, has gone out of state to get jobs" -- ignore reality in Western New York.

Indeed, Gorski has raised taxes to record levels and the jobs he has created were not financially family-friendly. If he has gone out of state to get jobs, where are the fruits of his trips?

CSEA President Michael Bogulski can justify supporting Gorski because they are linked by contracts that bond them.

To say that the vast majority of Giambra people have expensive suits is blatantly untrue. Most of the expensive suits are from the Gorski army, which has been riding the gravy train these past 12 years. This train is heading on the same track, incapable of changing direction.

Bogulski rightfully states that "workers want to raise a family in dignity, and buy a home" in Erie County. But there is no dignity in a jobless economy. Many people who have bought homes in the area have seen their value drop, which is why the realtors are supporting Joel Giambra.

It seems logical for most people to support Giambra's more aggressive approach to creating jobs and lowering taxes. His ideas are being embraced by people in towns and neighborhoods throughout the community. The only endorsements that really matter are the ones made on Election Day.


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