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The basis for The Buffalo News' recent endorsement of incumbent North District Council Member Dale Zuchlewski was that he was a fiscal watchdog and despite his frequent fits of uncontrolled temper, he was "the right man for the job."

The challenger was largely dismissed because "his support was community- and church-based and he is a high school social studies teacher."

I may be naive but I thought that was the whole idea. What better endorsement can a candidate possibly have?

In the early 1980s, I worked in City Hall and I am somewhat familiar with the city's political landscape.

I became apathetic about local politics and increasingly pessimistic about Buffalo's future, in large part due to an absence of political leadership and vision within both the mayor's office and the Common Council. When Joe Golombek announced he was running for the North District Council seat, I found myself re-energized.

My sudden enthusiasm was based on having known Joe for years and realizing his qualities of character could have a real impact on both our district and the entire city. He is an intelligent, articulate individual whose sense of community has silently served this area for years.

The most telling result of the primary was that the incumbent not only lost but, most importantly, failed to carry the vote within his own neighborhood.

In November, nothing will please me more than to vote once again for a "high school social studies teacher who has the support of the community."



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