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WASHINGTON -- Here is how Western New York's four members of the House of Representatives and the state's two senators voted on key bills and amendments within the last week. A "Y" means the member voted for the measure; an "N" is voted against the measure; an "A" means the member did not vote.


Defense, lab security -- The Senate voted 93-5 Wednesday to approve a $289 billion spending bill to fund the Defense Department. It includes a military pay raise, increased funding for defense readiness and money for a new agency to oversee nuclear weapons programs.

Supporters said the new agency would protect U.S. security information more adequately. Opponents said nuclear weapons laboratories need more security, not new autonomy.

Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Democrat, Y; Sen. Charles E. Schumer, Democrat, Y.

Oil prices -- By a 51-47 vote Thursday, the Senate adopted an amendment to the Interior Department spending bill that would prevent the Clinton administration from using market prices in establishing royalties for oil drilled on public land.

Supporters of the amendment said the administration should not require oil companies to pay market-based royalties because it would only end up hurting the consumer. Opponents said the administration should be able to charge oil companies more money because they are now paying much less than they owe.

A "yes" vote favors blocking the administration's ability to increase royalties.

Moynihan, Y; Schumer, N.


Milk pricing system -- The House voted 285-140 Wednesday to dismantle scheduled reforms of the federal milk pricing system. The bill would replace the Clinton administration's plan to make the system more market-oriented with an alternative that is closer to the current system.

Supporters said the proposed reforms would help dairy farmers only in the upper Midwest and could cause farmers elsewhere to go out of business. Opponents said the current system needs to be revamped because it is fundamentally unfair to dairy farmers in the upper Midwest.

Rep. Amo R. Houghton, R-Corning, Y; Rep. John J. LaFalce, D-Town of Tonawanda, Y; Rep. Jack F. Quinn Jr., R-Hamburg, Y; Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds, R-Clarence, Y.

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