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First let me applaud Jerry Sullivan and his series, "Glory Days in High School Sports." It was not only an interesting series but also well deserved on the part of the schools mentioned.

In listing his top 12 programs I do feel Mr. Sullivan may have overlooked a major contributor to high school sports in the Buffalo area; that school being Sacred Heart Academy.

For many years Sacred Heart excelled in sports at the high school level. To mention the years 1980-81 or 1981-82 would have been enough to qualify them for somewhere in the Top 12.

In the 81-82 season Sacred Heart won every title offered at the varsity and J.V. level. The varsity teams were undefeated in basketball, volleyball, softball and badminton and won the Msgr. Hammerl Supremacy Trophy for varsity supremacy. On the J.V. level they also won each Diocesan Championship in those sports and captured the Vivian Burkhart Trophy for J.V. supremacy.

The numerous young women leading these teams received college scholarships and went on to successfully compete at the next level. Yvette Angel, Debbie Laux and Colleen Sandor were college All-Americans in their respective sports. They were also inducted into their college Halls of Fame (Ohio State and Canisius College).

These teams not only competed in the 12 Diocesan Leagues but also were very successful against opponents in area public schools and in out-of-state tournaments.

The fact that sets this program apart from any other mentioned is that these varsity teams were undefeated in all of the sports offered in the Diocesan League that year.

It seems to me that this program belongs somewhere in Mr. Sullivan's category, or perhaps given the facts they belong "In a League of Their Own."
Director of Athletics
Diocese of Buffalo

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