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During the past several years I have noticed the quality of Major League Baseball umpiring and NFL officiating becoming worse and worse. It is disheartening to watch sporting events completely pivot due to one horrendous call after another. It seems to me it is becoming the norm.

While the performance of the Bills had all to do with the fact that they lost in Indianapolis, it is a shame that the officials missed a call against Indy so badly as the non-interference call in the end zone. Jason Belser tackled Jay Riemersma before the ball reached him right in front of the official.

I saw it live, on a poor television, with bad reception, with no help from instant replay. I also have a little trouble with the below-the-knee hit called on Bruce Smith; anyone who saw the replay could see he was blocked into Peyton Manning.

I'm starting to see a pattern here, going back to last season during the playoffs in baseball, and continuing with the officiating during the 1998 NFL season.

Maybe someone has the answer to the problem here, but, what I see are a couple of systems that need revamping in some places. When the officiating is so poor that it alters the outcome of the game as much as the players themselves, then there should be sanctions against those responsible for bad, or non calls.

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