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I played at city golf courses for many years while growing up. I then left for a few years because of work commitments, but bought my pass again this year. I was never more happy with the condition of the South Park course.

Until early August, the greens had been in great shape all year. Then with the drought-like conditions we encountered, a couple of the greens began to get burned out.

City workers attempted to aerate the greens during the first week of August. The machine that punches holes in the greens broke down, and it took them more than a week to fix it.

They should have waited until September, when there is more moisture, to finish the job. Besides, all three clubs at South Park were holding their annual championships. But the greens were spiked the day before the women's club championship and less than a week before a city-sponsored Junior tournament that had more than 100 kids playing.

The senior men's club had to cancel its championship altogether, and when the men's club played it was absolutely the worst course I have ever seen in my life.

I was never more embarrassed to tell people I belong to South Park. It has always been an unwritten agreement between course workers and the clubs that greens would not be spiked until the club tournaments were over.

It is just a shame that no one cares enough to supervise city course maintainence. I asked one of the workers why the greens were done, and he told me that it was "too much work" to wait because the summer youth workers helping with maintainence were only around until mid-August. Since when is doing what you are paid for too much work?


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