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Again and again, we hear our city leaders talk about the greatness of downtown Buffalo and the brightness of our future. They all attest that downtown Buffalo is a wonderful place to "live, work and play," but they neglect to add that downtown Buffalo is a great place to "pray."

They talk about our rich architectural heritage and never mention our historic houses of worship. I am not just boosting St. Louis parish, where I serve the mother church of our Catholic diocese, but the churches of our neighbors also. We need more publicity about St. Joseph's Cathedral and St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, churches that will rival any cathedral anywhere. St. John Baptist Church is a point of arrival for many famous guests. Trinity Episcopal Church and the former Asbury Delaware Methodist Church are rich in history.

The other Catholic churches -- St. Michael's, St. Anthony's, Holy Cross and Immaculate Conception -- are worthy of note. The Church of Latter Day Saints is located across from St. John Baptist Church. Many others exist in the nearby neighborhoods as well.

Henceforth, could we all agree that downtown Buffalo is a great place to live, work, play and pray?


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