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Twenty penalties in two games by the Bills. Less than 20 points in both games. The running game seems to have come back, but I'm worried about that point production. Can we win against a healthy team with a good quarterback? School is still out on that one.

Maybe it's time for Coach Phillips and his supporting cast to feed the offensive line a meal of hot chili peppers, ground meanness and nastiness before the game. Are they saying that only Joe Panos has the fortitude to create doubt in the man across the line from him?

The Eagles game will prove no more than the Jets game. We will find out about our Bills when they play Miami. Mark it down on your calendar. That game will measure our progress and determine whether we are an 8-8 team or a 10-6 team. Those that say 11-5 are pipe dreaming unless penalties are held to no more than four per game and points begin to average above 24 per game.

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