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Gassler's Bakery was the oldest bakery in Niagara Falls in 1907, when it was described in a booklet issued by the Niagara Falls News, "official paper of the city."

Gassler's Bakery stood at 401 Main St., at the corner of Niagara Street. It was established "in a comparatively small manner" in a comparatively small manner" in 1871 by W. F. Gassler Sr., who in 1907 was still the owner, although the business was operated by his son, W. Frederick Gassler Jr.

In 1907, the bakery featured a retail store and also shipped its bread, pastries, cakes and other baked goods "to all the towns in Western New York within a radius of 150 miles."

In fact, two horse-drawn delivery vans bearing the name of the bakery can be seen in front of and next to the store.

Gassler's best-known products were its box and quality breads, which were named "Mother's," and "Butternut".

"The store and bakery is one of the most attractive in the city and is a model of neatness and always kept in the most scrupulously clean order." according to the News booklet.

The bakery itself was built to exacting fireproof standards, with a lining of enameled fireproof brick, steel ceiling and cement and hardwood floors.

Visitors were always welcome to tour the plant, according to the News, where they would see "the latest and most modern facilities known to the first class bakery."

The fixtures were "always as neat as wax," and the machinery was "all painted in white enamel and trimmed with gold."

In 1907, Gassler's was on the cusp of expansion, with the managers installing "new processes which are entirely worked automatically in the scaling of flour, milk, sugar, lard, salt and water."

The bakery remained in business on the corner for more than another three decades. It was closed by 1946.

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