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All My Children: Alex was relieved when Dimitri awakened from his coma, and they shared a loving reunion. The next day, Dimitri was nowhere to be found, but Edmund and Alex saw his robe in the sand. Realizing that Dimitri deliberately walked into the sea, Alex blamed Edmund for his death. Greenlee questioned Scott's relationship with Becca after he refused to resume his intimacies with her. Scott soon realized that Becca doesn't like Greenlee. Fuming over Jake's role in Colby's life, Adam admitted that he couldn't handle being second fiddle. Ryan confessed to Hayley that he feels more than friendship for her. Coming: Greenlee makes an offer to Scott.

As the World Turns: Despite interference from both Emily and Alec, Tom was determined to win Margo back. Jack and Carly shared a tense moment, which had a passionate ending. Jake and Vicky had to change their plans quickly after they received some bad news. Molly had an eye to the past as she planned her future. Andy gave John and Chris some surprising information. Eddie was surprised when Chris offered a different opinion concerning Eddie's new job. Coming: Carly has another tough decision to make.

Bold and Beautiful: Following a very stressful labor, Taylor finally gave birth to the twins. The newborns began to recover from their initial difficulties and started breathing on their own, but Taylor's situation became grave when her heart monitor flatlined. Macy invited Thorne to dinner, and dressed to impress him. Brooke wasn't pleased to learn that Thorne had accepted Macy's invitation, and showed up at the same restaurant with Giovanni. Macy and Brooke ended up exchanging insults, and Macy vowed that Brooke would be sorry she ever walked in the door. Coming: Ridge reaches out to his family for comfort.

Days of Our Lives: Stefano was shocked to see Greta and Eric at the Harrimans' ball, only to then come face to face with the real Princess Gina. Meanwhile, "Gina" made her grand entrance as the princess, trying to hide her nervousness at being around Stefano. Sami was guilt-ridden when Austin said that he has come to trust her because he knows she has changed. Brandon declared that he'd like to fight Austin in the charity boxing match. Vivian encouraged Victor to pick up a pen and write his name. Lexie told Abe that she could fight her own battles. Coming: Kate remains suspicious of Vivian and Nicholas.

General Hospital: Jax began to share Alexis' concern after he witnessed a close moment between Ned and Chloe. Jax admitted to Alexis that Jerry might be back in the money-laundering business but couldn't bring himself to do anything other than question his father about business. Jason and Liz helped Juan and Emily to be reunited, as Emily sneaked Juan into the Quartermaine mansion. Faison followed Luke and Felicia as they headed to Mexico. After Nikolas said that he wants to be a full time father, Katherine accepted his marriage proposal. Coming: Jax explains his behavior to Chloe.

Guiding Light: Vicky and Bill became caught in the middle of Danny and Phillip's plot. Danny surprised Michelle, who was unable to resist him despite their past problems. Cassie and Reva had a heated argument about Richard. Drew reacted to learning news she had waited a long time to hear. Vanessa became concerned after she suffered a dizzy spell. Buzz vowed to keep Ben away from Selena and Drew, setting the state for a confrontation. Coming: Ben acts to protect his interests.

One Life to Live: Joey came to Kelly's rescue and struggled with Brian for control of the gun, as a shot rang out, wounding Joey. John saved Rae after Brian took her hostage. Jessica began to question Viki's involvement in Dorian's harassment after she found the tape of a crying baby in the Lord library. Relieved that Tea is unaware of his connection to Judge Peterson, R.J. warned the judge to keep quiet about the bribe he had accepted to free Dorian. Ben and Sam ordered Skye to sign the divorce papers and admit Asa's involvement. Coming: Dorian's life is in danger.

Passions: Frank denounced Theresa as the stalker and demanded that she confess to Ethan. Ethan was stunned to learn the news, but out of concern for Pilar's job, refused to identify Theresa as the person who stalked him. However, Ethan then told Theresa that he never wants to see her again. Miguel was crushed when Charity regained consciousness and couldn't recognize him, but Kay was delighted. Chad Harrison, a young musician with a troubled past, went to discover what his family had left behind in a warehouse after they abandoned him. Coming: Tabitha pursues another destructive path.

Port Charles: Unaware of Frank and Courtney's recent lovemaking, Joe became suspicious when he caught Frank in Courtney's room, and she had to concoct a story. Rachel performed Chris and Julie's wedding ceremony. Rachel later warned Chris that if he tells Julie that she knows about Christina, Rachel would drop Julie's case. D.V. escaped from Scott's confines and set out psychic messages, attempting to convince Scott that Lucy is betraying him. Kevin recognized the child in a picture Scott found in D.V.'s cabin. Coming: An important step for Joe and Karen.

Sunset Beach: Mrs. Moreau demanded $5,000 from Amy, or else she'll tell Sean about the love potion. After the Archbishop died and Antonio was told that he would remain in Sunset Beach, Ricardo came up with a new way to get revenge on his betrayers. Ben caught Tess snooping through his personal papers, said that she'll get what she deserves, and then suddenly kissed her! But it turned out that Derek had "taken care of" Ben in Seattle and returned in his twin's place to carry out his own agenda. Sara wondered whether Casey was jealousy when she agreed to a date with Jude. Coming: Caitlin worries about a far away Cole.

Young and Restless: Nikki admitted to Brad that she has feelings for him but refused to be rushed. However, when Nikki learned about Ramona's upcoming trip to Genoa City, she became upset when Victor didn't mention it, then accepted Brad's invitation to the Lodge. Billy was crushed when John said that he's remaining in Genoa City. Grace tried playing on Tony's sympathy by telling him about being fired, then pulling him into a hot kiss. Nate blamed Malcolm when he and Olivia confirmed they are getting a divorce. While Malcolm contacted John Silva, Michael offered to help Olivia with whatever legal assistance she needs. Coming: A setback for Nick and Sharon.

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