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Leonardo DiCaprio and fellow actor Tobey Maguire have settled a $10 million lawsuit that accused them of trying to block the release of an independent film in which they appeared.

Under the agreement announced Friday, the film will be distributed outside the United States, Canada and their territories, but will not be shown commercially in the United States and Canada.

David Stuman, who produced the low-budget, black-and-white film titled "Don's Plum," alleged that DiCaprio and Maguire used DiCaprio's superstar status to block distribution of the 1995 film because Maguire, who starred in "Pleasantville," was displeased with his performance.

Through a publicist's statement last year, the defendants said they made the film as a "favor to a friend" and did so under the agreement that it never would be promoted as a "feature-length motion picture."

The short film is about a group of young people who meet at a diner one night for coffee to discuss various subjects.

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