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Dear Eunice Farmer: I would like to see a new blouse pattern that actually looks different. I'm so tired of the same old looks! -- Kim G.

Dear Kim: I have selected a very easy Vogue 9040 sized 6-22 because it is so versatile. The pattern includes three different sleeves and two different necklines, and can be made as a tuck-in blouse or tunic length. If you prefer, I see no reason why it couldn't be made full length as well (be sure the hip measurement will fit your body if you make it longer than the pattern suggests).

Fabric choices are practically unlimited; I have even used a knit with great success. Dress it up or down, depending on your fabric. It's a winner!

Lined with wool

Dear Eunice Farmer: I would like to line a winter coat with wool jersey for extra warmth. Is this a good idea? I have never seen it suggested as a lining fabric. -- Donna M.

Dear Donna: This depends on the jersey you use. A good quality will be fairly stable without excessive stretch. You must also remember that it will be much more difficult to wear your coat over other wool garments, because your coat will not slip on easily. I think perhaps a better idea would be to use a heavier lining, one with a fleece backing, or you may underline the coat with a cotton flannel before you apply the finish lining. If you still decide to use the jersey as a lining, you will certainly want to line the sleeves with a standard lining fabric.

Too fragile for a serger

Dear Eunice Farmer: I need your help! I want to make a long scarf out of very lightweight silk (China silk), When I tried to use my serger for a rolled hem, it simply ate up my fabric. What could I do outside of a hand-rolled hem? -- Julie B.

Dear Julie: There are some fabrics that are so fragile, a serger cannot be used. I would suggest you double your fabric. After stitching, trim the seam allowances to 1/4 -inch, turn to the right side and lightly press the stitched seams.

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