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Check your change, you may have a quarter worth a lot more than two-bits.

South Carolina coin collectors Dale Presley, 38, and Gary Horton, 46, say they've found seven new Pennsylvania quarters -- part of those being made to commemorate all 50 states -- with the reverse side minted upside-down.

Coin experts say it's too soon to know what they might be worth. Twenty upside-down dollar coins released in 1989 now are valued at about $2,000 each.

When a normal quarter is turned over top to bottom, the reverse side is right side up. On these quarters, the reverse side is upside down, known as a "rotated reverse."

"You go through a bag of coins and you hope to find something like that. But you don't expect to," Horton said.

Presley and Horton said the Bureau of the Mint wanted the coins returned, but they refused.

A mint spokesman said it's not known how many of the quarters are in circulation. The mint declined further comment while it investigates what happened.

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