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My father died a few weeks ago at the age of 93. Fortunately, he was able to live on his own up until his death. As most offspring do after the death of a parent, I took it upon myself to clear up his financial responsibilities by closing up his apartment and canceling telephone, gas and electric service.

After finishing all of this, I received a bill from AT&T Consumer Lease Services. Not knowing what was being leased, I called. What I was told was that I owed a $14.82 quarterly payment for an old black desk rotary dial phone my dad had for about 30 years.

Because I did not have the phone, I was told that I owed $10 for replacement costs. The $10 I am not complaining about, but the fact that AT&T lease services is charging close to $60 a year for an antiquated $10 item seems outrageous to me. The fact that they were doing this to a 93-year-old senior citizen seems to me unconscionable.

The reason I am writing this is to inform our seniors who may have leased a phone years ago to check their bills and do not be taken in. Our seniors were brought up to pay their bills promptly and not to question. It seems to me some one is taking shameful advantage of these beautiful people.


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