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The recent article, "Major Tie-ups Forecast on Spans Linking U.S., Canada," incites false fears when we really need facts about border crossing delays.

The exit checks called for in the 1996 immigration reform law will "not significantly disrupt trade, tourism, or other legitimate cross-border traffic at land border ports of entry." That's a fact.

The story cites the success of Canpass at speeding legitimate travelers across the border. But there is no mention of the advanced technology that is currently speeding drivers through U.S. ports of entry, not to mention the New York Thruway.

In addition, the Canadian media have reported the increasing alien and drug smuggling that threatens communities on both sides of the border. Buffalo News readers should know that a recent report in a Toronto newspaper cited the lack of a Canadian exit-check system as one reason Canada harbors illegal alien Chinese headed for New York City sweat shops.

As cross-border traffic steadily grinds to a halt at both the northern and southwestern borders, we need to consider solutions based on facts like those I've been reading in other Canadian publications. Inciting fear won't get a single vehicle across an international bridge more quickly.

REP. LAMAR SMITH, CHAIRMAN House Subcommittee on Immigration

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