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Once again, Buffalo will be held hostage in favor of another taxpayer funded "folly," Marine Midland Arena. The Adelphia network and the Rigas family are planning a grandiose project for the Buffalo waterfront, a 20- to 30-story office building that would tower over the Buffalo Inner Harbor. Who needs it?

The promise of 1,000 new jobs is the carrot being dangled in front of politicians.

How about filling the recently vacated downtown landmark buildings first -- AM&A's and so on -- instead of building a completely new facility?

Adelphia may be number four in the cable industry, but they will not be the survivor in an industry that is continually going through mergers and acquisitions. Another company will acquire Adelphia and relocate everyone, and once again Buffalo will have a vacant albatross, only this one will be on the beautiful waterfront.

There are no loyalties in the business world. Witness Delaware North. They threatened to relocate over 300 jobs if they didn't get a sweet deal for the Key Tower. Most of Delaware North's investment is in Boston. Does that say something about a multibillion dollar "good" corporate citizen?

Nothing is sacred. Rich Products could be next. Rich operations in Buffalo are essentially research and development, and logistics -- easy to relocate. What happens when Sara Lee Products makes a bid for Rich? They'll be gone in a heartbeat!

Why forgive the $70 million debt for the Rigas family? It will turn out to be another taxpayer-funded stadium folly.


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