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Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan today endorsed Bill Bradley for the Democratic presidential nomination. He said the former New Jersey senator's only opponent, Vice President Gore, "can't be elected."

Moynihan, D-N.Y., called Bradley "a man with heart and courage and stamina."

"You can't govern, as Woodrow Wilson said, without those qualities," he told reporters at a news conference.

Bradley acknowledged that his campaign is "up against an establishment," but he said that Moynihan's endorsement was "important. I think people will take notice."

Asked why he preferred Bradley over Gore, Moynihan responded simply, "Nothing is the matter with Gore, but he can't be elected."

Moynihan, who is retiring from the Senate, and Bradley have been friends for more than two decades. Bradley served three terms as a New Jersey senator and spent time with Moynihan on the Senate Finance Committee.

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