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Police in the Village of Kenmore said Tuesday that reports of excessive speeding on Nassau Avenue seem to be unfounded.

A total of more then seven hours of surveillance, spread over nine days, recently clocked 436 cars traveling on Nassau Avenue, of which eight cars were recorded at "writeable speeds" and issued speeding tickets, said Police Chief Samuel A. Camilleri.

The police surveillance was done in response to the complaints of some residents on Nassau, who claimed cars race down the street traveling to and from Kenmore Middle School at the corner of Nassau and Delaware Road, Camilleri said.

"All the rest of the cars were 35 mph and under," Camilleri said. "There were people from the middle school (that were speeding). But there were no residents of Nassau caught speeding."

Village Trustee William R. Crowe said the Police Department's findings prove that there isn't a severe speeding problem on the street.

"Eight of out more than 400? I wouldn't exactly call that a speed zone," Crowe said.

Crowe said the narrowness of Nassau -- like many other residential streets in the village -- may make it appear cars are traveling faster than they are. "On that street, 30 mph may appear to be faster than it really is," he said.

Camilleri said that, as an extra precaution on the busy street, a "two-way stop" marker will be added to the stop signs on Nassau at Winchester Place, to notify drivers that traffic does not stop in both directions at the intersection.

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