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When their regular teachers aren't there, it's a good chance that students in the Frontier Central schools will know the substitute. The School Board Tuesday night created a "preferred substitute" position to provide daily fill-ins for absent teachers.

"We are committed to them to make work available to them every day," Superintendent Gerald P. Glose said.

The four substitutes will agree to work in the district every day for $95 a day. Two will work in the elementary schools, one in the middle school and one in the high school, he said.

Assistant Superintendent for Personnel Paul M. Connelly said the building principals would recommend who the prefered substitutes will be based on the substitutes' prior work in the district. Glose said chances are the preferred substitutes eventually would be hired as full-time teachers.

"A concern I have, although I don't think it's likely, is they'll be in place and there won't be a place for them," he said.

But with 400 teachers in the district, it's a rare day that at least four are not sick or attending a conference, he said. If there is no substitute teaching work available for the preferred substitutes, they would be given other duties, he said.

Trustee Marianne Tomani said she was concerned about the procedure that would be taken to select the preferred subs, and that some talented substitutes would never get the chance because they had not been called by the district.

Also Tuesday, the board restricted parking at the Educational Center at 5120 Orchard Ave. from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. unless the vehicle has a permit. The board also authorized the Hamburg Police Department to enforce the no parking restrictions.

"We've had people park there all night. We've had people vandalize the building," Assistant Superintendent for Business Richard A. Binner said.

The board also:

Dissolved four scholarship accounts that have not been active or do not have enough funds to distribute. They are the Ruth E. Pray Scholarship, which was last awarded in the 1996-97 school year in the amount of $25; the Daryl T. Krentz Memorial Scholarship Award, which the family had asked to be dissolved; the Creedon Scholarship, which last awarded a scholarship in the 1984-85 school year, and the Women of the Moose Scholarship, last awarded in 1991-92. The net balance from the four accounts, $91.20, will be distributed to the remaining 19 scholarships, Binner said.

Approved moving voting districts from Cloverbank Elementary School to the Educational Center for the Nov. 2 election. The School Board meeting scheduled that night will be conducted at Big Tree Elementary.

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