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More than a few weeks ago, I read an article by Larry Felser about the University at Buffalo football program extolling the commitment of UB's President Greiner to the program. I thought, "That's great. Just the support the program desperately needs, someone who truly understands the total commitment necessary to Division I football."

However, on Sept. 9 I attended a UB football practice that was held at the turf field stadium. This was three days before their opening game in the Mid-American Conference. As practice was going on, two UB campus police cars were parked at the entrance pavement. Since there was nowhere else to park, the players used the nearby grass area for their vehicles. Everyone in Western New York knows about the parking problems at UB.

If Dr. Greiner is so supportive of the program, he might consider instructing his administrators to overlook the so-called parking infractions at that particular site at that particular time, or perhaps supply transportation for the players. The players should not have to pay traffic fines in order to practice.

I can't imagine this situation happening at Marshall University, Virginia or even at Yale University. This counterproductive action reeks of a Division III mentality. I was aghast at the apparent insensitivity of the administration on the eve of a new era in UB football.

Former UB Football Coach

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