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Recently I wrote a letter to the Buffalo Bills that broke my heart. The letter was to cancel a season ticket. The reason was not because of the recently publicized trouble in the stands. This was my sister's season ticket.

This was the ticket of a true Buffalo Bills fan, someone who never gave up. Someone who would say, "We can still win," even when the Bills were 20 points down with three minutes to go in the game. This was the ticket of a person who would punch a total stranger sitting next to her during a close game when the Bills scored, because that was how excited she got. She would wave her damn red, white & blue pom-poms in my face during the game just to make me mad.

My sister made me stay the day the Bills came back in the playoffs to beat the Oilers. I wanted to go at halftime, but she made me stay and every time the Bills scored, I heard about it.

We had been to just about every Bills game together for the last 10 years. We sat through freezing cold weather, snow, rain, it didn't matter, we were there. With our own families and jobs, it was easy to lose touch with each other. Home games were a time to catch up on what was going on in our lives. It was seven hours of talking, kidding and just being together watching the Buffalo Bills.

My sister, Deb McGranahan, passed away June 11, 1999. She was a great sister, daughter, wife, mother, friend and also a great Bills fan. She truly loved going to the stadium. I will miss her every day, but I will especially miss her tonight when she isn't sitting next to me at Ralph Wilson Stadium to start another football season together.


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