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President Clinton recently granted clemency to 11 members of the Puerto Rican terrorist group known as FALN, who were imprisoned for leadership in a bombing campaign that killed six people and injured many more in the late '70s and early '80s.

This offer of clemency was made in spite of unanimous opposition by the FBI, the Bureau of Prisons and the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Can this offer be other than an obvious attempt to manipulate New York's Hispanic voters as Hillary Rodham Clinton runs for the Senate next year?

Is there any question whether she will run? The artificial suspense about her decision to run is another shameless attempt for newspaper headlines to maneuver public opinion.

Now we learn in a News story, "Jewish group urges first lady to seek spy's release," that demands are being made that Mrs. Clinton take a stand in favor of releasing Jonathan Pollard, the Jewish spy who delivered thousands of secret documents to Israeli intelligence operatives.

We can only hope that Clinton will follow the Justice Department's recommendation and not grant clemency to Pollard.

It is my belief that patriotic people of Jewish heritage do not desire the early release of a spy regardless of their similar tradition, and would view such a release as unjustified political exploitation.

I would be insulted if a spy of Scottish/English heritage was released to try to influence my vote.


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