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The battle lines have been drawn for the campaign for West Seneca supervisor, with political neophyte William P. Malczewski claiming the Republican berth to face incumbent Paul L. Clark.

Malczewski, a hardware store owner and former West Seneca School Board member, overwhelmed the endorsed Republican candidate, Adrian J. Para, by a 2-1 ratio. Malczewski totaled 1,095 votes to Para's 505, winning every election district.

He said he will be seeking the town Republican Party's support now that he has the nomination.

The town party had at least nominally supported Para, whom it endorsed before Malczewski entered the race, through the primary.

Para had been virtually invisible through the campaign, while Malczewski campaigned actively, employing signs, ads and a phone bank and going door to door.

"I'm hoping the Republican Party will embrace me," Malczewski said. "The people of West Seneca told the Republican Party that 'we want Bill Malczewski.' And I'm willing to work with the Republican Party.

He said he'd be calling Rep. Jack F. Quinn, R-Hamburg, to find out when he can come in for a fund-raiser.

He said that when he had previously contacted the 30th District congressman, Quinn had told him he couldn't help him unless he won the primary.

Malczewski said his campaign thus far had been on a small scale.

"It was not (Christopher) Walsh, it was not (G. Steven) Pigeon," he said, referring to ads that portrayed him as a pawn of the county Democratic Party vice chairman and chairman.

"It was good close friends, and that's what brought this all together."

Malczewski said he drew encouragement from the responses at polling places Tuesday and to the phone banks.

One response that struck him came from a 91-year-old man whom he took to the polls.

"He says, 'don't forget to come back in November.' " Malczewski said.

"I said, 'I didn't win yet.'

'He said, 'you're gonna win.' . . . I got chills."

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