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Alex Balmer, 9, of Amherst won first prize in the Anderson Ice Cream Poetry Contest this summer with this poem, "Ice Cream Is a Hug." His prize was a year's supply of free ice-cream (a half gallon of ice cream each month) and a party for 10. He said the same poem also won him second prize (more free ice cream) in the same contest at another store.

Ice Cream Is a Hug

My team won a big game tonight,
Everyone on my team got a hit, including my friend Doug.
We went to Anderson's
to celebrate,
Because ice cream is a hug.
I had the greatest collection of grasshoppers, crickets and ants.
My little brother opened the jar and out came every bug.
To cheer me up, I ate a great big banana split,
Because ice cream is a hug.
Me and my dog Buddy played in the sun all day,
We ran, played fetch and gave the rope a tug.
To cool me down, I drank a creamy vanilla milkshake.
Because ice cream is a hug.

Ever wonder?

Do you ever wonder what makes
the world stay in place?
Or, when someone says so little,
how it can mean so much?
Do you ever wonder why we see
things the way we do?
Or, why we refuse to see things
because no one else does?
Or the reason why dogs
can't tell us
what they see?
Do you ever wonder
if the earth has
collided with the moon?
Or when it will?
Do you ever wonder? I do!
-- Lindsay Berman, 11,
Send your poems to kids corner, NeXt, Lifestyle Department, The Buffalo News, P.O. Box 100, Buffalo, N.Y. 14240. Be sure to include your name, age and address. Poems should be typed and cannot be returned.

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