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Police plan to question off-duty Officer David Mercado about how he ended up in a Manhattan subway tunnel with a broken ankle, but they may not get many answers.

Mercado, 34, told investigators he can't remember a thing.

The soot-covered police officer yelled and covered a train signal with his shirt in an effort to get someone to rescue him during the three hours he spent in a subway tunnel in lower Manhattan early Monday. Mercado finally attracted attention by shooting out a train signal.

Police believe he emptied his service pistol, since 15 empty shell casings were found in the area.

Mercado's misadventure began after he finished a shift at Police Headquarters at 11 p.m. Sunday and went out with two fellow officers. The friends, who were not identified, were scheduled to be interviewed by Internal Affairs officers.

Mercado told officials he remembered getting on board a northbound train near Canal Street around 4:30 a.m. Monday but doesn't remember anything after that, until he awoke in the subway tunnel with his ankle apparently broken in two places.

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