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I found Jim Kelley's article in the Aug. 25 edition of The News to be extremely offensive. The mirror I have is obviously different from the one that Mr. Kelley has. There is plenty of blame to be shared for the stadium mayhem. However, it is unfair to tell me that I have to take responsibility for the ridiculous activities of someone else's children. They are not mine and hopefully I have done a better job raising my children than that.

The problems will never be completely resolved, but to tell me I can't bring a bottle of water or a thermos of hot chocolate is overkill. Security must share in the responsibility. I sat in C-8 last year and most often they were reactive rather than proactive. At times I have seen them instigate and escalate incidents. To their credit it's a difficult and dangerous job. People who behave in the manner that Mr. Kelley refers to should also be dealt with more severely by our judicial system.

Do not make me a scapegoat for the actions of others.

West Seneca

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