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On July 6, a very nice article about my company, Applied Fabric Technologies, appeared in the Business section of The News. I was very pleased since companies like ours often don't get any press. The day after the article appeared, the first person to call and congratulate me was John Gorski from the New York State Department of Taxation. It is his practice to review the tax returns of companies that appear in the paper to determine if they might be due an audit. In his words, "If a company says they are doing great but aren't paying any taxes, then they might be a potential target for a review."

As I complained about the taxes in New York State, his words to me were, "Stop complaining about your taxes when you are probably overpaying them!" He suggested that I have a qualified tax preparer look at my last three years' returns because we were not taking advantage of the export credit that was due to us. Since most of our sales are outside of New York (98.8 percent) we are entitled to some credits that our preparer had not realized we were due.

To make a long story short, we have refiled our returns for the last three years, and the net result is a significant refund of overpaid taxes. Thank you New York and thank you Mr. Gorski -- not you Dennis. I'm still waiting for a refund from you.

Orchard Park

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