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Lennox Lewis still believes something was wrong at ringside in his first fight with Evander Holyfield.

So does Holyfield, although in his case it had nothing to do with funny judging.

"I was cramping going into the ring and that was my biggest problem," Holyfield said. "I just didn't feel well, and I thought several times of just quitting."

Holyfield didn't quit, of course, and ended up being rewarded with a controversial 12-round draw that both prevented the heavyweight title from being unified and sparked investigations into how the ringside judges scored the fight.

On Tuesday, both fighters got together once again to vow that on Nov. 13 in Las Vegas they will finally get it right.

"The judging definitely was suspect. I believe there was some influence there," Lewis said, raising his fists. "But I'm bringing my own two judges to this fight."

Months of fragile negotiations for the rematch ended with both fighters signing contracts over the weekend that will pay them some $15 million each to meet again at the UNLV campus arena.

Though Holyfield still maintains he did not lose, he admitted he fought poorly. And he accepted parity in the purses this time, after making $20 million to $10 million for Lewis when they first fought March 13 at Madison Square Garden.

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