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This letter is in response to "Halt construction to save the deer." I moved to Amherst over 50 years ago, when all of north Amherst was farms.

I found it impossible to keep people, the University at Buffalo and new development from coming in to take over the habitat of wild animals.

The only thing we can hope for is to preserve some small pockets of green space.

The Town Board has been buying up farmland development rights, Nine Mile Island, canal bank property, St. Francis Ellicott Creek property and land for trails. The town does not have enough money to do everything it wants. And there is still pressure from developers, and some taxpayers, to have more construction.

Citizens should support conservation efforts. They should consider joining a group of conservationists, such as the Adirondack Mountain Club. Speaking at town board and planning meetings is very effective, especially if there is a large number of people in attendance.

Halting construction will not add any deer habitat. Deer will still be crashing through plate-glass windows, getting hit by cars, jumping into yards and becoming injured so the police have to shoot them.

Many will also starve to death this winter. The solution is to reduce the population to match the available habitat.

Contraceptive methods are costly, and even if 100 percent effective would only limit the growth of the deer population.

But the deer population can be reduced -- safely and at no cost to Amherst -- by calling in the conservation associations to help with their well-trained bow-hunters.

The program would be monitored by the Department of Environmental Conservation in restricted areas. An arrow has limited travel, so there is no danger to humans. Since time immemorial, mankind has hunted to provide food.

Hunting is probably more humane than the slaughter houses used to kill cows and chickens.



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