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Here are the votes of New York's senators on major legislation last week in Congress. A "Y" means the member voted for the measure; an "N" means the member voted against the measure; a "A" means the member did not vote.


* First open debate bill

The Senate on Monday rejected, 43-57, a Democratic proposal to conduct debate in open session in President Clinton's impeachment trial.

In rejecting the proposal, the Senate decided to continue to employ the secrecy rules established during Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial in 1868.

Supporters said the debates should be held in public view because the public has a right to know what their senators are considering when debating the impeachment charges. Opponents said keeping the Senate open could delay the trial because senators may feel inclined to use the full 10 minutes allotted to each senator if they know the public is watching.

Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Democrat, Y; Sen. Chuck E. Schumer, Democrat, Y.

* Second open debate bill -- The Senate on Tuesday rejected, 41-58, a Democratic proposal to conduct the Senate impeachment debates in public, rejecting the proposal for the second time in two days.

Moynihan, Y; Schumer, Y.

* Dismissal motion -- The Senate on Wednesday rejected, 44-56, a Democratic motion to dismiss the impeachment charges.

Supporters said it was useless to continue the trial when it was obvious the prosecution would never get the two-thirds votes needed to remove Clinton from office. Opponents said the trial should not be short-circuited until both sides have had the opportunity to present their case.

Moynihan, Y; Schumer, Y.

* Deposing witnesses -- The Senate on Wednesday approved, 56-44, subpoenas for former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky, presidential friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. and White House aide Sidney Blumenthal to be witnesses at the impeachment trial.

Supporters said the depositions are a fair process that should not be overlooked. Opponents said witnesses will unnecessarily delay the trial.

Moynihan, N; Schumer, N.

* Closed debate -- The Senate on Thursday rejected, 43-55, a Democratic proposal to immediately close debate and vote on the impeachment charges.

Supporters said the trial needs to end because it is clear that the prosecution will never get the two-thirds votes needed to remove Clinton from office. Opponents said the trial should not be short-circuited.

Moynihan, Y; Schumer, Y.

* Republican plan -- The Senate on Thursday approved, 55-44, a Republican plan to take videotaped depositions from Ms. Lewinsky, Jordan and Blumenthal.

Unless more witnesses are called, the plan also calls for the impeachment trial to end by Feb. 12 with a vote on the perjury and obstruction-of-justice charges.

The plan also requires a majority vote before witnesses can testify on the Senate floor or videotaped testimony can be played before the whole Senate.

Supporters said the depositions need to be videotaped so that senators can watch the testimony if a majority agrees. Opponents said public viewing of witnesses would turn the impeachment process into a spectacle.

Moynihan, N; Schumer, N.

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