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Richard P. Mills, New York State's commissioner of education, expressed these thoughts about the growing interest of the Board of Regents in whether higher academic standards for public schools should be extended to non-public schools:

- "Standards need to be the same in public and non-public schools."

- "We truly don't know how this is going to be worked out. We have to search for the right way to accomplish this, with a lot more conversation on both sides."

- "It is the (academic) results that count."

- "It cannot be the case that all non-public schools are operating at higher standards than all public schools. There is a range of quality in the public schools and there is a range of quality in the non-public schools."

- "The Regents need assurances that non-public schools are performing (satisfactorily)."

Expressing great regard for the role of non-public schools, and recalling that years ago he taught in one, Mills called the matter a "subtle problem."

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