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I am a member of Independent Health's Encompass 65. Score another knock-out punch for Independent Health against all of us seniors age 65 and older. Thanks to them, my Social Security increase for 1999 was completely wiped away.

A 1.3 percent increase isn't much to talk about, but when Independent Health takes it all away in one swipe of the wand, we seniors have to stand up and be heard. My Social Security was increased $13 a month. Independent Health raised my prescription coverage $14 a month, plus $5 more on office co-pays for specialists.

I complained to Independent Health, but have gotten no answer. First we seniors can't go to Catholic hospitals, now they raise our rates.

Who will help us? It seems like no one cares. Independent Health will continue to take advantage of seniors until someone puts a stop to this nonsense. They should hang their heads in shame.



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