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After seeing streets commissioner Paul Sullivan interviewed on a local TV show, I cannot understand how impatient and rude some residents can be. One caller lambasted Sullivan and told him that he is the worst streets commissioner the city has ever had.

I was astonished. Sullivan is the only commissioner I have ever seen manning a plow on a regular-sized pickup truck to help clear side streets. I have also not seen a winter that had so much snow fall in such a short time.

Can anybody comprehend driving a plow 12 to 16 hours a day, 12 days in a row? I cannot work two days of double shifts in a row without needing to take a day off to rest.

Furthermore, many people do not move their illegally parked cars on these side streets, so that a plow can get down them. My station wagon can barely squeeze down these narrow passageways, yet these residents want a plow to magically clear their streets.

People should realize that the street they live on is not the only one in this city. Also, the streets around hospitals and schools must have priority.

Instead of criticizing the streets crews, consider the facts. This January has been one of the snowiest of the century. The snow seemed to fall overnight, every night.

The streets of Buffalo's oldest neighborhoods were designed in the days of horse and buggy, not in the days of cars parked on both sides, with a plow going down the middle.

Let's prove that we are really the "City of Good Neighbors." During the next snow crisis, let's help get those cars off the street. Offer to share parking in your driveway. Offer to help shovel out people's cars. Many hands make light work.



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